Plant History


I can remember the surprise I felt when for the first time I was introduced to a winter flowering shrub whose flowers were perfumed as well!  It must have been in the 1960’s that I first grew the Oregon Grape Mahonia aquifolium. I learned it was an American native and originally discovered by David Douglas in 1823. It seemed like a small miracle that one could have flowers AND perfume in the garden during the dark dank days of the year.

Siberia is the ultimate slumbering giant and not the first place you would imagine gorgeous garden
flowers originate, but, take a step back and think about a wedding you have attended – do you
remember seeing a froth of dainty white flowers in any of the bouquets?

Well that was probably what is known as 'Baby’s Breath’ or, to a florist, ‘gyp’; Gypsophla!

SIBERIA - Coming in from the Cold

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Map of Siberia