A Thousand years of Plant Introductions to Britian

A collection of around 10,000 plant names cross referencing their latin and common names, the year of their introduction to Britian beginning with the year 1000 (although not forgetting the flora of the Roman period) and finishing in 1999. Useful to horticultural students, owners and head gardeners, allotment holders, suburban gardeners, commercial nurseries, all will find this information useful and in many case necessary.

It is all part of our social history, and makes the small matter of weeding more interesting if you know something of the background of say the fuchsia, the first of which arrived from Chile c.1713 and was named for the famous sixteenth century herbalist Leonhart Fuchs, or indeed the arrival in 1954 of the Michaelmas daisy Aster amellus ‘Lady Hindlip’ named for an ancestor of the TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp.
A Thousand Years of Plant Introductions to Britian
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